David Sánchez Plaza

David Sánchez Plaza

Welcome to my personal webpage! Thanks for coming, I hope you find what you seek, and at the end of the tour you learn a little more about me. This project is born after finishing my second master in China, while I look for job and continue “trying” to learn Chinese. On this page I will also try to post some tutorials of things I´m learning so everyone can learn it too (Ideas worth spreading).

I am currently living in Beijing (北京), China. I have spent the last two and a half years doing a Masters after having completed my studies in Telecommunications Engineering. Obviously I am Spanish, and I will continue being, but gradually I’m also becoming a little bit Chinese =). I don´t consider myself a person who has had to “flee” from Spain, but quite the opposite. I was lucky enough of being able to go out to discover new countries and cultures. I’m pretty restless ass, and while I’m young I would see the world and work in different countries. But, in the far future, when I want to settle down, I will form my family in Spain to spend the rest of my life there. The food, the weather, people and history influences a lot , but, who knows?

By David Sánchez Plaza