Free chat for your website with PureChat

Is there a better service than to speak directly with your customers / visitors in real time? Of course not! Don’t allow yourself to buy expensive programs or extensions to offer this service. The great guys PureChat make the difficult things easy. I’ll tell you a little history of what I read.

Apparently Axosoft is a company like any other, but as incentives for employees, they are allow to spend some time each week to their own projects. Hence, it came the idea of ​​making PureChat. Why do I like? Basically, when I started to create my own online store, one of my first requirements was to provide an excellent customer service to my clients, and of course, what better than to do it in real time talking with them!

After searching many different extensions, all were premium! For something that simply does not worth it . I remember seeing an extension, where the price for an operator was more than $ 25 , and I do not even tell if you added more operators … for that , a very large scam. Especially, since I decided to create the store with the lowest cost (and incidentally learn).  Luckily I found them, and the truth, despite not having used a lot, they are doing a great job. You even have an iOS app. I didnt try it yet, but imagine, you can provide service anytime , anywhere ! Incredible!!!.

I will not explain how to use this website, just say to follow the logical steps.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Go to settings, and set the widget as best suits your needs. Each day they are adding new and cool things to do.
  3. Once configured, you generate a javascript code
  4. Put it in your web page
  5. Repeat for generate new widgets (you can put them on different websites and centralize service
  6. ENJOY

Note: If you want to add this chat to your opencart store, you can use this extension using vqmod not modify your files!

NOTE! I am tot earning commissions or anything like that, just want to share with you this that has helped me so much.

David Sánchez Plaza


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