Mis proyectos personales

Current Projects

Creación de nuestro propio sitio de eCommercio Alzoco empleando el software de código abierto Open Cart y extendiendo las funcionalidades básicas para satisfacer las propias necesidades y requerimientos para la pagina.

www.laowaing.com / www.ignacioplaza.es / www.davidsanchezplaza.com
Creation and preparation of a fully customizable platform using WordPress for two personal projects and for a client, including web design and content distribution.

Academic Projects Experience

2011/9 — 2012/12: Bicycle Simulator
Software Environment: C++
Development Tools: Vega Paradigm
Project Description:

The overall system consists of its hardware part, responsible for all measuring instruments, the bike itself and the input method consisting of a convenient joystick adapted to simulate a handlebar. And of its software part responsible to create, modify and execute the simulation.

Awarded with Third prize in Tsinghua University 23rd student laboratory building contribution

Responsibility: Creator, developer.
2010/2 — 2010/6: Implementation of a simple RISC SIMD coprocessor
Development Tools: MicroWind
Project Description:

Designing a CMOS integrated circuit functionally equivalent to SIMD RISC coprocessor using full custom design tool MicroWind, fulfilling specifications of size, power consumption and speed.

(MicroWind is an integrated EDA software for IC design)

Responsibility: Two person team
2010/2 — 2010/6: Dimensioning of a GSM network
Software Environment: Excel, PowerPoint
Project Description: Calculation of frequencies required by sector. Configuration of base stations (BSC). Dimensioning and Interconnection of base stations (BSC) with Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
Responsibility: Four person team
2010/2 — 2010/6: Design, implementation and test of a digital electronic system based on microcontroller
Software Environment: C++
Hardware Environment: Electronic Laboratory
Development Tools: Coldfire
Project Description:

Creation of a fully functional prototype of Tetris using microcontroller in C++ based on platform MCF5272     example video

Responsibility: Two person team
2008/9 — 2009/2: System for remote transmission of commands over an analog channel
Hardware Environment: Electronic Laboratory
Project Description:

Design, assembly and testing of a digital transmission system between a remote computer and a peripheral. Basic implementation using FSK modulation. In order to improve the project, it was also implemented a PSK modulation and Butterworth filters of order 4.

Awarded with HONORS

Responsibility: Two person team

Por David Sánchez Plaza